Get off the couch and invest in your creativity, learn about individual donors!

Cultivating A Robust Donor Base

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Tuesday, January 12th


Workshop is presented at 135 Main Street, San Francisco (Tenant Activity Room lobby level)

Ready to attract and retain a family of donors that support your creative work. In this workshop, we’ll focus on developing a donor base for your art and authentic strategies for making the ask! We’ll cover online campaigns, special events, donor letters and discuss the motivations behind why donors give.

About the Workshop Instructors

Beatrice Thomas is an artist coach, organizational consultant, and multidisciplinary artist & performer. Ms. Thomas has 15 years of arts administration and grantmaking experience, specializing in grant strategy, queer arts, public art, and cultural equity. She has worked in a variety of philanthropic, curatorial, and administrative roles for the San Francisco’s Arts Commission’s Cultural Equity Grants program, First Night Austin, Flatbed Press Gallery, Center for Cultural Innovation, the Queer Cultural Center and The National Queer Arts Festival. Ms. Thomas received her Bachelor’s Degree from Hampshire College and a Masters of Fine Arts from The University of Texas. She is dedicated to the creation of meaningful experiences and exceptional arts and culture for her self and others.

Kevin Seaman is a multidisciplinary artist and arts administrator with over 10 years of experience. Kevin works with the Queer Cultural Center overseeing, Creating Queer Community, a technical assistance program and incubator for emerging queer artist. He has 5 years of experience as a grantmaker with The San Francisco Foundation’s Art & Culture program and has worked with the San Francisco Arts Commission, City of Berkeley Civic Arts Grants, Center for Cultural Innovation, Intersection for the Arts and the Endeavor Foundation for the Arts. His robust artistic practice includes character-based work with dance psychic Dr. Zebrovski and drag persona LOL McFiercen as well as the #femmasculine project.

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